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Blueprint Communities

In March of this year sixty-six municipalities throughout Pennsylvania submitted applications for inclusion into the Blueprint Communities training program. From this list of applicants only six towns were chosen.

The Blueprint Communities Initiative is sponsored by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh, the Penn State Extension and administered through the Downtown Center in Harrisburg. Their mission is to serve as a catalyst to revive older communities and neighborhoods by building strong local leadership skills, collaboration efforts and development capacities. It also encourages sound planning which includes a clear vision for community improvements and a five-year implementation approach.

Community First Bank is pleased to announce that two communities, sponsored by the bank, were among those selected to participate: Reynoldsville and Clarion.

Each community is represented by a core team that is attending extensive training sessions through January of 2015. The skills they learn and training they receive will be shared with local leaders, organizations and interested citizens of their respective communities as the expanded version of their revitalization projects are put into play. The completion of the training program will serve as a catalyst for private and public funding, low-interest loans and grant opportunities.

In contrast to other revitalization efforts, the Blueprint Communities Initiative centers on a more holistic approach to redevelopment. Focusing on more than just a face-lift for the town, issues that engage residents of all ages, develop new businesses and industries and create economic sustainability are all addressed in the plan.

Community First Bank applauds the efforts of the Reynoldsville and Clarion Blueprint Communities teams and their commitment to put their communities first.