About Community First Bank

Community First Bank is a locally owned and managed independent bank that has been serving our local communities for over 110 years. We are a community-oriented institution that takes pride in knowing our customers on a first name basis. Our name was carefully chosen to reflect our philosophy, which is to put the Community First!! We are dedicated to the basic concept of community banking "You know us and we know you!" Ensuring the growth and health of our local economy is important to our bank and to our customers. When you bank with a community bank, the money stays in your local communities. That is important to all of us who plan to live, work and raise our families here.

All banks may look and act alike and to a degree they are alike. But the true test of a service-oriented community bank is when you have a problem. Anyone, including Community First Bank, can make a mistake — the difference is in how it is corrected. It is our goal to correct any problem or situation to our customer's satisfaction in a timely and courteous fashion. At CFB you won't be transferred from person to person. Our Customer Service Representative will handle the details for you. Most times it will only take one call to make things right. Try that at a big bank! At CFB we look at problem resolution as just another opportunity to show our customers that we really are a Community Bank that cares about our customers!

If you are considering a new account or banking relationship, please keep us in mind. We have a variety of products and services available as well as a competent and friendly staff to assist you in finding the product that best suits your needs. Your satisfaction ensures that we can build a long-term relationship and our employees will go the extra mile to be sure you are pleased with our bank.

In closing, we hope you find our website beneficial and ask that you consider a banking relationship with Community First Bank. Give us a chance and we won't let you down... but we will try to make you realize that at Community First there is a difference.
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