US Credit Cards

Several million Americans do not overpay on credit cards. Sometimes, they even make money on lucrative banking options. For such people, credit cards have become one of the most effective ways to save money in business and everyday expenses, a way to survive in any unforeseen situation.

There were conducted a survey about the credit card market in 2014 and selected the best cards for people with “very good” or “excellent” credit history. If you already have or will have such cards, then you are on the right financial credit card

Citibank’s Simplicity

Having issued such a card, you get rid of credit interest rate and transfer fees for the first 18 months. It is very good to pay off debts on other credit cards, which run into “crazy” interest, to buy goods and services on credit.

Timati N. from Nebraska received Simplicity with a $12,000 limit. The card came to the rescue, since he had just lost his job. Timati spent about $ 5,000 on paying off other cards, another $ 4,000 went to move to another state, where he was going to find a job.

Simplicity is one of the few cards that has no annua fee, no late fee or even a penalty rate.

Discover It by Discover is very similar to Simplicity

During the first 14 – 18 months, its owners can forget about interest and duties. Moreover, the company provides the most reliable client with the “noforeigntransactionfee” option. It means that you can pay by card while traveling around the world with no overpayment.

The biggest plus of the card is a 5% return on purchases of gasoline for several months of the year (usually from July to September). During this time, you can earn up to $ 1,500 in cash buying fuel. Thus, a married couple from Louisiana, engaged in transportation, received a refund of $ 3,000.

Chase Freedom is a credit card adored by shoppers

During certain periods, you can get back 5% of the money spent in restaurants, Kohl’s supermarkets or in the Amazon online store. Moreover, the bank returns $ 100 to each cardholder who spends $ 500 within the first three months.

The next incredibly profitable card is Cash Rewards from Bank of America. Usually, at the start, the bank gives a very good credit limit. For example, people with 3 – 4 years of credit history often receive a $ 25,000 – $ 30,000 approval from Bank of America. A 1% refund is returned on everything you buy. 2% is returned from purchases in groseries, and 3% at gas stations. Cashback earned is never withdrawn.

Chase Sapphire Preferred is the perfect card for travelers. Booking air tickets, booking hotels, going to restaurants, excursions, all these are refundable options.

All of the above cards do not have an annual service fee, however ChaseSapphirePreferred starts charging money in the second year of using the card. It’s almost $ 95.

Venture and Venture One cards from Capital One – bank are good for booking flights. The first offers 2 miles per dollar, the second 1.25 miles per dollar. Moreover, each such a card holder can receive a one-time bonus in the amount of 20,000 – 40, 000 miles if they spend from $1,000 to $3,000 during the first three months.

In other words, such card holders don’t spend any funds on flights at all. They get tickets for free as a reward for active use of the cards.

American Express Platinum credit card is one of the best in the world. Residents of Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America can only dream of such a card. The usage costs $ 450 annually, but numerous benefits more compensate for this amount. In particular, you are not charged a single cent in interest if you cover the balance in full each month. In addition, you get great discounts on the purchase of air tickets. You can pay with the card anywhere in the world and not overpay for goods and services.

The Barclay card Ring from the English bank Barclays is adored by people who do not like to carefully calculate and compare various benefits. This card has one simple and very significant advantage – the loan interest is only 8% per annum.